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2021/2022 Membership Renewal  

We are moving to ClubExpress for our Membership Portal for 2021/2022 renewals.

Please click the following link:

Then go to MEMBER LOGIN in top right corner of screen and follow the prompts as advised.


You might also like to read the Club Constitution.

For more information contact our Membership Secretary or President.

2021/22 Porsche Club of SA membership categories

+ $150 pa
+ Card issued
+ Voting rights
+ Competition
+ Eligible for championship points
+ Must own a Porsche or continuity of full membership
+ Access to historic register
+ Magazine

+ $150 pa First family membership as per FULL membership
+ Second and subsequent FAMILY membership MUST reside at SAME address as first. $80 pa family membership are eligible for competition and championship points, $40 pa family membership are not eligible to compete.
+ Cards issued
+ Voting rights
+ Access to historic register
+ One magazine per family

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: (for non Porsche owners)
+ $80 pa
+ Card issued
+ No voting rights
+ Competition
+ Not eligible for championship points
+ Open to all other marques
+ No access to historic register
+ No magazine