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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Tower House 14 The Common Beaumont

The event is Black Tie and will be held in the formal rooms of Jane & John Sheahan’s home, Tower House, 14 The Common Beaumont.

The evening will commence at 8:00pm and finger food; cheese platters and drinks will be provided. We will be entertained during the night by a piano soloist & piped music. The fires will be roaring and billiards will be available for those who wish to play. A TV may be turned on for any football fans.

This event is being subsidised by the club and as such is a member’s & their partners’ only event.

Cost is $20 per person and numbers will be limited.

Bookings now closed 25/7

Dress code: -

Gentleman – Black Tie (Lounge suit minimum)

Ladies – formal or cocktail evening dresses,  

Ladies please note - as the venue is a private home with timber flooring, no fine tipped stilettos please!

Please feel free to contact me (Kym Obst) via phone or email regarding this event:

(M) 0438 800 961