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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Our annual OBSERVATION RUN is on Sunday 17th May. Meet at the Victoria Hotel, Main South Road at 9.45am and set off on a challenging excursion that will test your powers of observation, navigation and the strength of your marriage! (Don't forget to check out the Ad. on page 6 of the current PCSA magazine).

The morning will finish with lunch at a secret destination while Norm and Cate work out the scores. Bribes can be left with Cate or Geoff before the start and your scores will be adjusted accordingly.

Bring some paper, a pencil, your glasses, some Valium and a sense of humour to help you through the day! Rules for the event are no speeding, no physical violence, shouting is acceptable, hissy fits are optional. All complaints to the Club Mediator before 5 o'clock on the day.


For any enquiries contact Norm Goodall