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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Philip Island

Run at Philip Island on 13 September this will be a celebration of our first event at Winton in 1975, and close to the actual time of the event. We will have special trophies for each of the classes, working on who will do the presentations.  We will run a regularity toward the end of the day for anybody who has ever run with the club, again for a trophy. All of you have had members who have run with us at PI, and we will try to make this a 95db day. interstate competitors will be welcome, keep the date free.

Very much focussed on the competition, and effort to try to get a wide variety of old and new faces. The regularity will allow up to 52 cars on the track, so could be a very spectacular showing of race pedigree cars.

Place holder for the date.  

Details see PCV web pages in the future.


PCSA 150617