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 Saturday, 13 February 2021
 Mallala Motorsport Park

Please note this is a Saturday event.

The Event will be held under the Motorsport Australia Permit No: 521/1302/02

Click here for Supplementary Regulations:

Gates open at 0830 and compulsory drivers briefing is at 9:10

This is 30mins later than usual now that licence checks and scrutineering is to be completed online at the time of entry in accordance with Motorsport Australia’s “return to race” policy.

As this is the first sprint for 2021, please ensure all the details for you and your car are updated and correct on the Motorsport Australia portal and you club membership is valid. The details on the Motorsport Australia portal will be used for online licence and self scrutiny declaration.

These are found on the Motorsport Australia portal under dashboard, licences and clubs section.

Entry details

Enter through the Motorsport Australia portal, click on “Event Entry” page, and once there select “Upcoming Events” and look for the event called “PCSA SS#1”.

Entries close on the 10th of February.

Entry fee is only $250 for Super Sprint or the Invitational class and includes a garage!

Remember to tick the Dorian Timer Hire box if you don’t have one, or register your dorian number if you do have one.


For those that haven’t been before, this is not door to door racing, however, IT IS a chance to live the dream of being on track at a speed that YOU feel comfortable with. A word of warning though, once you’ve done it once, you’ll want to do it again, and again, and again. It’s a lot of fun and a great challenge!

First Timers and those that have been before and feel they need further assistance:

Firstly, for familiarisation, you will be taken around the track in a similar car to your own with an experienced track driver – that will be your “allocated buddy” for the day and is the person that will help you progress through the day and introduce you to the many members there. Your buddy will show you the driving line on track, the brake marker boards, the turn in points and apexes and demonstrate at a reduced speed how the track flows, ie how you set up for each corner and brake board. Towards the end of the session they will push it a little quicker so you get a feel, but not at “race pace”.

Vehicles are grouped per lap time blocks and you will be allocated a spot within your group that reflects your expected lap times, and then readjusted as per results following the 2 practice sessions.

The name of the game here is safety through familiarity. The format following your “driver track orientation” session will be 2 x 5 lap practice sessions and 3 x 5 lap sprint sessions – This includes an out lap, 3 x timed laps and a cool down lap . Subject to time, there may be an additional 6 lapper at the end of the day that you can join as well if you are up to it. These are expensive cars and our collective aim is to avoid any risk and keep everyone safe.

What will you need?

Valid club membership (Full, family speed or associate membership)

A L2S or above CAMS License

An approved helmet

Wrist to ankle to neck cotton clothing or a racing suit.

Closed shoes

A mounted fire extinguisher (Porsche seat bolt mounted bracket is the norm, available from Porsche Centre Adelaide and any of the Porsche Specialist workshops around town.)

Tow and Battery Stickers - available on the day if pre arranged, request via or purchase yourself from JAM Motorsport / Autosport / Revolution etc

If you have any questions or need assistance or advice please call one of the following Porsche Club Committee members:

Vic Moore: 0412 700 194

Darien Herreen: 0427 348 490

Mark Coupe: 0423 251 881

John Fricke: 0434 272 707

Peter Panopoulos: 0428 501 602

Regular Sprint Competitors:

This will be the standard track day format for PCSA Club championship points.

Associates Members in non-Porsche cars will grouped by times dependant on track experience.

Invitation Class: Cars Under 1:18 not running for club championship points.

Practice session plus 2 x 6 timed lap sessions will run as a separate group. This group is for those that don’t want to compete in the club points system, have Cup Cars, Race Cars, Time Attack Cars and Supercars that need the extra track time to get their brakes and tyres hot, test and play with set up. It’s basically fast car practice time. Get your fast laps in early while its cool, and be finished by lunchtime…

PCSA Social Members:

Come out and have a look, get a feel for what is going on and listen to those engines hit red line! It’s a great day out and there are some truly impressive cars to be seen going through their paces. Better than a static car show, this is the equivalent of your free ticket to a live episode of “Top Gear”.

Above all, it’s a great, fun, challenging day at the track for everyone. Look forward to seeing you all there.