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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Rochford VIC

The 40th Anniversary run is scheduled for 20 September at Rochford.

The Autumn Run will be the Social Anniversary Event.

A browsing gourmet sit down lunch under the awning, for around 200+, which will include tables invited from stakeholders, as well as past president and life member tables.


•             run from Geelong, via Eynesbury or Baccus Marsh , similar to the Autumn Run

•             another from Collingwood

•             and another from Baxter Tyabb or elsewhere on the peninsular, collecting a group at Hallam

All arriving at the venue at slightly staggered times around 12.

The Country Fire Authority, our long term community Charity is involved with parking and site layout. We will have 40 cars in a line (one per year) and fans of types 911, turbo, boxter, 4WD etc. on the amphitheatre.

Entertainment will include a band, something(s) for kids.

Again a significant function, Rochford have done us a very good deal, so we should cover most of the direct cost from members, the club will just need to cover the costs of  entertainment and invited stakeholders.

Will all the cars and some luck with the weather, could be a lovely celebration of the affinity with the marque and the friendliness of the people.

Again, interstate visitors would be most welcome.   See PCV in the future.

Doug McPherson

PCSA 150517